Affiliate Marketing


Now-a-days Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. Most of the people  might have heard about this before but they  don’t understand how this really works. Its  popularity is growing day by day because  it is  FREE to start  and anybody can do it from home irrespective of their  age, sex or  region.You can work  full time or part time depending upon you time and situation.

I will describe here , how you can  really make money by “Affiliate Marketing “. What you need to start this from home and build a successful business.


  • Affiliate Marketing is a process of  promoting/marketing  product or service of a  seller on Internet through website  and if that product get sold then you get commission from that seller.You don’t need to own/buy  that product.
  • Commission vary according to the product.
  • Usually 4 % – 20 % of the product price for physical product.(website like amazon )
  • 20 % – 75 % for digital product.(clickbank , commission junction)


  •   Generally companies use affiliate program to spread their product to larger amount of customers.As they offer  some commission  people  promote their products on their websites and generate sell for the companies.By this process companies get good amount of sell and affiliate marketer ( the people who promote them ) also earn some.
  • This is  the must effective way for the companies to reach more and more customers by just sharing some money with the people ( affiliates ) and grow their business.It gives both of them plenty of earning opportunity.
  • Almost every company who has products and services to sell online  provides affiliate marketing program . There are many people earning  from amazon, clickbank and many other sites.



  • So now  the question might be coming into your mind is,  how much  can I make from this ? Can I earn a full-time income from it or not ? If I tell you that there are folks who are earning more than 100000 $ per month just by doing affiliate marketing than you may not believe me but you can actually earn huge from it. To earn that much of money you have to develop advance marketing skills and plenty of experience  which takes time , but these are top marketers who make such  huge amount of money  doing  this for longer time .
  •  How much can one make earn from affiliate marketing depends upon few factors like, how efficiently he markets those products , which type of product he has chosen,which source of traffic ( buyers ) he has  etc.
  • It is a business which needs time and effort to grow .
  • If you think you will become rich overnight ! then forget ,this is not going to happen ever.
  • Full-time income is very much possible if done correctly.
  • You can earn from few hundreds to thousands of dollar per month.


Affiliate marketing has few benefits which are-

1. You can join any affiliate program for FREE and you don’t need huge money to start doing this business.

2.You don’t need to buy any product.
3.You are not responsible for any product quality or services
4.You don’t need to deal with customer complaints.Anybody can do this no qualification require.

5. You can do this from anywhere (any part of the world or staying on your bedroom), you only need a computer and Internet connection.

6. You can do it either part time or full time as it has thousands of dollar earning potential per month if done correctly.


If you are really interested to start affiliate marketing then you must

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Join affliate programs
  • Help people
  • Get commission

CHOOSE A NICHE : Niche is nothing but a group of people  looking for the same product. Suppose you want to promote electronics products then cameras could be you niche.Your website would be about cameras. You must choose a niche of your interest about which you can write and  inform people . There are billion of buyers out there so you can earn no matter which niche you choose .

BUILD A WEBSITE : After deciding your niche , your next step is building a website on that particular niche.