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66772_392248890858469_1925205987_nHello,I am Anand. A simple fun loving guy who loves to live life to the fullest.I started online marketing  few years back and now I am a Full Time  Online Entrepreneur. I chose to start Online Business  because it has  MULTIPLE BENEFITS which I couldn’t resist.

1. FAMILY:.It allows me to work from home or  while traveling  as it only require a COMPUTER  and  INTERNET connection . I am basically a family man.I love my mum dad my sweet daughter and my beautiful wife. So  I can be with my family whenever  they  need me which was impossible while I was working for a  COMPANY.

2.SCHEDULE: The second must important  thing is I can work on my own schedule.I don’t need to wake up early everyday to get hurry  for the Office and  reach on time otherwise my bald  BOSS!  will get angry and no need to give him lame excuses !!! .LOL……I am working now when I want and how much I want.

3NO BOSS:Anybody can understand the joy of working for  himself/herself  not for the BOSS or any COMPANY.You don’t need to answer someone if you make any mistake,or apply for leave and pray to GOD to get your leave sanctioned.YOU become your Own Boss.You make Your own rule don’t need to follow orders of others.

4.HOBBIES:Yes you can enjoy more time with activities like watching your favorite shows,movies,playing poker,basketball,partying,enjoy tripping with friends and family or whatever your hobbies are,as you don’t work in fix schedule,which is the best part of working online.

5.INCOME: Working online open up multiple source of income and opportunity as the market is not limited to a town or a country,  whole world become your market and if you learn correctly how to run your business than  you can earn consistently.You can’t make Millions of dollar overnight,but with proper technique and right approach you definitely can earn full-time Income  online.There are many ordinary people(not computer graduates or online experts ) who are working Online from home(Unbelievable but true). I will tell you later how it is possible without being scammed.

Those were few reason  which I discussed here motivated and encouraged me to start working online and live the life of dream with complete freedom.


The road to success  for a newbie like me who wants to earn quick and easy always gets into the trap of scam Artists, who are eagerly waiting for newbies . Actually it all started with a scam ,while looking for an additional income online. I found a lucrative make rich quick scheme.I was supposed to invest few hundreds of dollars and in return I was about to earn thousands of dollar in few days. As I was new to the online market I was so excited and invested my money without doing much inquiry and lost my whole hardly earn money in a flash. I thought I might have made any mistake because the scam program was so convincing , sooner I got into another scam and again wasted my money.

By the time I learnt  few things about online marketing or jobs that around 99 % of them  are fake(waste of time and money) and without any training/guidance from people who are already earning  it is impossible for a newbie to make any money or  career online.One-day  I found the WEALTHY AFFILIATE . A program which doesn’t promise us to make rich overnight or in a month…or so ,  but  offers quality training and tools ,24 hrs support  and  opportunity to be successful online.I joined the  WA community after doing so many research .At first  I was reluctant to join or not as I was scammed by other programs before.But now I am glad that I made a good decision to join Wealthy Affiliate , because I really start earning after that.All you need to start online business you can get here.

Thats all my brief story how I started my business with support and training and tools which are  must needed  for anyone who wants to earn money Online.If you have any question or doubt or want to comment than Contact me( my link here)or drop  message down here, I would like to hear from you guys.Again  Thanks your friend                                                                                                                                                                                ANAND DUBEY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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